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Taaj Malik - Master Manipulator - The flip side- Part1 - CyberSTALKING

Taaj Malik- Master Manipulator 

If anyone knows the whereabouts of this woman please leave a comment so we can notify the police. (All comments are screened, private comments will not be published)

A blog titled “Taaj Malik – Mater Manipulator” has been circulating the internet for almost two years. The blog was authored by Ms Mary Abass who has twitter accounts @MJJJusticePrjct @budsgirl11954 @LoveLightMagic

The blog is full of fiction rather than facts! We aim to address a few here. A cyber-stalkers desire to control their victims is evident by the heavy remarks in the blog dictating how Taaj should or should not live her life! Her appearance on Dr Drew. Who she supports etc.,

We are not here to change your minds, just to show you the flip side. 
Taaj warning fans about JJ when she discovered fans were being asked for money for her.

The blog posted by Ms Abass on Taaj. has some wild accusations, many with no proof. You would think since Ms Abass stalks Taaj she would have those screen prints too.  

Ms Abass has a habit of being mean to those that do not agree with her, or do as she wishes them to do so. Because Taaj voiced her opinion on bullying, she was made a target of this hate blog. Notice the comment Taaj made is of Feb 2012 to stop bullying. What does that have to do with the comment by  Marco of  August 2013? 

Ms Abass is not only making Taaj a target of her rage, she is also targeting those that do not agree with her,(Marco/Belinda have been on the receiving end of this rage in the past) we will show you the pattern further down, we are not only talking about individuals but reputable organizations in the community with a lot of respect. 

Mary Abass seems to be dangerously obsessed with Taaj. This obsession has lead Ms. Abass in violation of cyber stalking laws, which you can read up on here Pay special attention to

Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet  to stalk or harass an individual, include the making of false accusationsor statements of fact (as in defamation), monitoring, or gathering information that may be used to harass. in possession of the same information, would regard it as sufficient to cause another reasonable person distress. Cyber-stalking shares important characteristics with offline stalking; – are motivated by a desire to control their victims.[5]

A cyber-stalker may be an online stranger or a person whom the target knows. A cyberstalker may be anonymous and may solicit involvement of other people online who do not even know the target.





A number of key factors have been identified: Out of 8, 5 key factors apply in this case. Please look out throughout this blog for these key points.
1.     False accusations
2.     Attempts to gather information about the victim
3.     Monitoring their target's online activities
4.     Encouraging others to harass the victim
5.     False victimization.




Mental profiling of digital criminals has identified factors that motivate stalkers as: envy; pathological obsession; unemployment or failure with own job or life; intention to intimidate and cause others to feel inferior; the stalker is delusional and believes he/she "knows" the target; the stalker wants to instill fear in a person to justify his/her status; belief they can get away with it (anonymity); intimidation for financial advantage or business competition; revenge over perceived or imagined rejection.[12][13]

Ms Mary Abass

Ms Abass has openly stated on her blog she will follow and update you on Taajs activities.  Ms Abass is married to a man from Pakistan. Its evident Taaj is something Ms Abass has wanted to be her entire life. Notice Ms Abass dressed in Pakistani clothes.
(failure with own job or life; Envy)



1.     False accusations

Many false accusations are posted on the blog with A few more here. Calling Taaj a terrorist.

Where is this police report against Taaj for fraud/Terrorist threats? 

More false allegations and encouraging others to do the same



2.     Attempts to gather information about the victim

By the bloggers own admission she will update you, and has indeed followed through with many updates being posted.


3.     Monitoring their target's online activities

By the bloggers own admission she will update you, has updated you on Taajs activities online.


4.     Encouraging others to harass the victim


5.     False Victimization.

Fiction:- Taaj posted Ms Abass family even grandchild’s photos,
Fact:- Posted under “Budsgirl11954” account name.

 Taaj posted budsgirl family pic - Lie. This was posted by Ms Abass 307 days ago. Ms Abass is probably mad because Taaj connected the dots and found her.

 Ms Abass insults those that do not agree with her, unprovoked.

Tracking down others that may support Taaj to harass them. CADLAW and Sly, innocent bystanders slandered.

Then Ms Abass posts this? 

Clear present danger!

Ms Abass is selective is noticing Marco. She chose to ignore him when he asked Ms Abass to cease her attacks on Mrs Katherine Jackson. (Yes, Michael Jackson's mother. No one escapes the wrath of Ms Abass)

How Ms Abass really feels about Belinda.

Harassing fans in private to turn against Taaj. This is heart breaking. 


Recently a tweet and blog was posted throwing stones at Cadeflaw for NOT intervening in a power struggle. Let me just say that we are NOT here to engage in a “Turf War” but to defend and protect the “Legacy” of the DECEASED; offer support to children and to support those who are TRULY doing something to make a POSITIVE change. WE do NOT support chaos or become entangled in girl fights. WE also do NOT turn against other people because a certain group of people do NOT like them. Those are personal decisions, that has nothing to do with our cause. The persons who decide to engage in “Personal Combat” are LIVING and do not need our assistance or an intervention. We are NOT the Internet Police.

WE have viewed many Facebook posts and tweets, most in HORROR, that were heart-breaking. Mrs. Jackson has been called all kind of B*****s, W****s, Greedy and one blogger even went as far as to invite Mrs. Jackson to “kiss her ass”, etc. You name it and she has been called it, everything but the kind and precious person she is. As much as we wanted to intervene we stayed our distance and supported her in our own way. After all, people have the right to voice/post their opinions, no matter how much we may disagree with many of them. WE Did not see any, of those throwing stones, come to her rescue or demand that she not be disrespected, yet many of these persons claim LOVE for her son. We can’t have it both ways. How can one HATE the very person Michael loved and respected so much? Beats me- but okay, it’s your choice.

A somewhat RESPECTED person in the MJ Community created a blog about me accusing me of being a thief, a scammer, made fun of my education, etc. Oh she really put me out there something terrible. Not ONCE did I see any of YOU come to my rescue. In fact, the blog had existed for over a year before it was brought to my attention. Did I whine to the community about it? NO I DID NOT. I contacted the persons whose names were mentioned in the blog and the proper persons in authority. I didn’t create a HATE campaign against this person, but kept working in a positive manner.

WE have been attacked for supporting the “Affidavit against Thomas Sneddon ” or should I say really for supporting William Wagener, some accusing him of being a scamme,r using that to convince MANY in the fanbase NOT to support his cause. What about the smear campaign against Mr. Mesereau to turn the fans against him, calling him a “Media Whore”? And let’s not forget the quiet campaign to stop people from supporting the Cadeflaw Initiative. WE never said a word but kept right on working. WHY? Because “I” didn’t want to make any waves. I thought if we just stayed quiet and kept to our work, trying to remain peaceful, things would work themselves out. I was AFRAID we’d lose support of the MJ Community. WAS that funny and was I naive? That, my people, is called being a COWARD. One thing for sure you can’t be a coward and expect to stay a part of the “MJ Community”. If you don’t speak up you will get ripped to shreds. Time out for keeping quiet. You can’t lose what you NEVER had and if people are afraid of those who have, as they say, over 5000 followers they won’t support you anyway. I am sick to my stomach having to deal with all this petty SHIT.

Also, I’m almost positive the last effort I started, to support Mrs. Jackson, wasn’t received very well in the community either. Well too bad, GET OVER IT. I’ve never read any blogs that went up when people are attacking Michael’s family members. WHERE ARE THEY? I GUESS IT’S OKAY FOR THE JACKSON’S TO BE DEFAMED. MOST GET A REAL RUSH OUT OF THOSE BLOGS AND TWEETS.

Whatever happened to getting both sides of the story before passing sentence? Instead of researching both party’s we take the word of one we LIKE. THAT is one-sided and we can’t steer the ship in any other direction.

Many good people have left this community because of the sophisticated “Bullying Techniques used by the “Elite”, which is a shame. Some are afraid to speak up least they be OSTRACIZED. STOP using “Taaj Malik” as an excuse NOT to support the Cadeflaw Initiative. There is too much back biting and jealousy in this community and we hang our hats on words from others, too much, instead of getting to know people for ourselves.

I will treat people with kindness as if I were dealing with myself. When any of those persons show me differently, at that time, will I cease to communicate with them.

Do I agree with the posting of personal information, NO.? Do I agree with bullying, NO. The persons, involved, have to make a sincere effort to say STOP – NO MORE. It’s up to them. This behavior has been going on, in this community, since Michael passed away. Don’t drop this mess at our door and expect for us to clean it up.
Has anyone ever offered a TRUE hand of fellowship instead of bringing up old mistakes from the past? WE ALL WANT TO BE LOVED. WHY CAN’T WE TRY PRAYING FOR ONE ANOTHER INSTEAD OF HATING?

We’re ALL living in “Glass Houses” and should be afraid to “Throw Stones” and we seem to have an over-abundance of “Immature Egos” in this community. Get over yourself, PLEASE.

FINALLY: I have work to do and will NOT take the time to reply to this posts and I certainly have more important things to do than to continue to defend myself and the Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Advocates. If you don’t want to support what we’re doing then don’t. You stop supporting a long time ago, anyway, so no love lost. I may be BLACK but I’m not stupid. Hell, I know what this is really about and that last little paragraph you added was just another “Cool” way of telling the community NOT to support Cadeflaw.

If these women feel the need to continue these cat fights then let them. It has nothing to do with where I’m heading and I refuse to become involved in arguments where only one side has been publicized. Since some seem to have made themselves the “Internet Police” in the community have you arrested the culprits and questioned them? ONLY then can you come to a better understanding of what this is REALLY all about or more importantly, the TRUTH.


No one in the MJGlobal community especially groups who champion the need to protect people from defamation should be giving support to anyone posting innocent baby pictures, children/spouses of other Michael Jackson fans or name & addresses of deceased relatives - to do so it to condone it- to condone it, is to show your own ethics are seriously challenged.


MJ Brookins, CAD

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  1. I am familiar with this woman and her family. I attended the youngest daughters wedding couple weeks back. I have the information you require and much more